Introducing Katina: your automated client-practitioner matchmaker and new referral intake assistant

Optimise your client intake process with triaged referrals based on specialities.

Introducing Katina: your automated client-practitioner matchmaker and new referral intake assistant

Managing new client referrals is crucial yet cumbersome for many practices. Traditionally, matching clients to practitioners involves time-consuming, manual processes fraught with potential errors, often resulting in a subpar client experience. Clients may find themselves repeatedly providing the same information, while your admin team hurriedly attempt to align client needs with practitioner expertise— at times putting clients on hold, other times assuring them it will just take “a moment longer”.

Now, envision a system where this entire process is not only connected directly to your practice management system, coreplus, but is also streamlined to be more efficient than ever. This is now possible with Katina, an essential tool for any bustling psychology practice eager to enhance their operational workflow and client satisfaction from the first point of contact

What does Katina do?

Katina is a solution crafted by Psychologists for Psychologists to optimise the intake of new clients. It represents a significant leap in referral management, offering a centralised and organised platform for:

  • Triaging clients based on detailed practitioner profiles that reflect their services, modalities, specialties, and availability
  • Managing a waitlist effectively to ensure timely client appointments

How Katina enhances the client and practitioner experience

When a potential client visits your website, they are greeted by a streamlined online enquiry form that connects directly to your Katina account. This form not only captures basic contact information but also delves into more specific details, including:

  • The type of service required (e.g., counselling, assessments)
  • Funding options for the session
  • Referring party info
  • Main reasons for seeking the session

Upon form submission, an automated process kicks off with an email notification to your practice. Here’s where Katina’s magic shines:

Katina reviews the client’s details against your practitioners' profiles and instantly identifies the best match, displayed in your Katina dashboard.

Smart features for smart practices

Katina is equipped with features that streamline the referral process:

  • Alerts for referrals needing urgent attention
  • Options to categorise referrals for different levels of review
  • Clinical and admin views
  • Security with encryption, access controls, and two-factor authentication, safeguarding all client data

Seamless integration with coreplus

With a single click, Katina will transfer the new client record and all of their information to coreplus. This ensures that practitioners have all the necessary information at their fingertips to provide informed and personalised care from the very beginning.

By eliminating manual data entry, the integration between Katina and coreplus reduces the risk of discrepancies in client records, simplifying administrative tasks and ensuring the accuracy of data management across your practice.

How to get started

Katina empowers psychology practices to re-imagine their workflows, simplify triaging and intake processes, and elevate client satisfaction from the initial point of contact. It’s not just a tool; it’s your next step towards operational excellence.

Not a Psychologist but interested in Katina? Speak to us today about customisable options.

Katina is now available to all subscribed coreplus customers. Enhance your practice today by enabling this integration in your Add Ons section. Not using coreplus yet? Sign up for a free, un-timed trial and see the benefits for yourself. Plus, Katina offers a 14-day free trial—discover why it’s the must-have tool for your practice!

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