Diana Younan
Diana Younan

Diana Younan

Customer Success Manager | coreplus

Diana, the Customer Success Manager at coreplus, goes beyond managing customer experiences.

About me

Diana is the Customer Success Manager at coreplus: her role is not just about managing customer experiences; it's about forging real connections and exploring innovative solutions for customers' unique business needs. With a background in psychology and a history in managing various roles within health practices, she brings a unique perspective and deeply rooted customer-first philosophy to understanding and addressing customer needs in the B2B SaaS environment.

Diana’s experience

During her 7 years at coreplus, Diana has embraced several roles within the business. Her collaboration with the digital marketing team has been marked by a flair for content creation and strategic insights. Diana's expertise extends to orchestrating conference planning with meticulous attention to detail, and she has also distinguished herself as an engaging (and very nervous!) speaker at our events.

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