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Hearing Services Program

Unlock your audiology practice’s full potential streamlined claiming and payment workflows

  • Optimise your claiming process
    Streamline claim creation and submission with our user-friendly interface. Take full control with our batch claiming feature, allowing you to select and exclude claims with ease.
  • Seamless payment processing
    Receive per-claim status results from Hearing Services and upload results into coreplus and enjoy an automated payment application to approved invoices.
  • Quotes
    Generate, print and send quotes with ease. Keep track of a client’s quote history, including status per quote, for a comprehensive view of your interactions.
  • Complete Fee & Device management
    Access the complete list of Hearing Services schedule of service types, item codes, and devices with up-to-date pricing
  • Reporting
    HSP claim information via our existing invoice reports or view claim history per claim
Learn more about the Hearing Services Program intergration here.


Provide hybrid hearing health care services anytime, anywhere to anyone.

  • Teleaudiology made possible via Telehealth by coreplus
    Deliver your hearing services safely and effectively using Telehealthby coreplus, a native, in-built solution
  • It’s easy, just click to join
    Initiate teleaudiology sessions directly from your appointment schedule and rest assured, your clients receive their unique appointment link through a reminder, hassle-free, with no downloads required
  • Quality care
    Provide high quality hearing care video streaming and excellent voice quality to ensure an uninterrupted experience for you and your clients
  • Safe & Secure
    We are committed to privacy and security and are compliant with Australian data privacy regulations and digital health standards
  • Part of your practice
    Extend your practice beyond physical boundaries with Telehealth by coreplus and easily integrate it into your existing workflows
Learn more about Telehealth by coreplus and all it’s features here.

Online Bookings

Compliment your online hearing consultation offering with online bookings made possible with Client Portal.

  • Your practice online, 24/7
    Offer configurable online bookings via your website, providing options convenient to your clients based on your availability
  • Branding and customisation
    Kit the client portal with your practice logo and colours, your choice of available appointment types and set up bio’s for your practitioners
  • For the client
    Provide a premium online booking experience for your clients with time zone support and configurable instant booking confirmations
Learn more about the Client Portal by coreplus here.
Online Bookings
Online Forms

Online Forms

Enhance your care to both in-person and remote clients with convenient and accessible online forms with our integration partners, Patient Plus or Snapforms.

  • Any form, any way
    A customer favourite, online forms allows you to recreate, consolidate and inspire online forms that are comprehensive for your practice and simple enough for your clients
  • Accessible anywhere on any device
    Designed with the client in mind, each form is linked to a unique URL that you can incorporate into your coreplus SMS or email reminders that get automatically uploaded into the client’s file when the form is completed
  • Secure & Australian
    Both platforms are Australian based, secure provider who adhere to Australian Privacy Principles
Learn more about Patient Plus here.

Learn more about Snapforms here.

Secure Messaging

Provide a quality, safe and compliant delivery of messages containing clinical information.  

  • Get connected!
    Powered by an in-built interoperable integration with Argus and Healthlink, Secure Messaging with coreplus connects you to over 75,000 practitioners in the Australian healthcare system
  • Get referrals
    Being connected means GPs and other health professionals can send you new client referrals directly and securely
  • Safe, Seamless, Secure
    Secure Messaging is the only ADHA approved way of transmitting client-related information
Learn more about Secure Messaging with coreplus here.
Secure Messaging

We help you onboard

Get started with coreplus with a free data import

  • Changing systems can be daunting! We offer a free and fast option to import your data into coreplus with support from our Customer Success Team, saving you time and admin energy
  • Import everything from your Client Records to Appointments, Invoices, Attachments and more
  • Our Customer Success team is here to help and guide you with getting your practice started on coreplus with solutions and suggestions

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