Fast transactions, easier reconciliation at day’s end, reduced keying errors, and less time and money spent on practice admin.


What is Tyro HealthPoint?

Tyro HealthPoint is an EFTPOS and Health Fund claiming solution tailored to allied health providers.

Tyro HealthPoint uses up-to-date technology to wirelessly integrate using your practice network with coreplus. Integration means all payment and Health Fund claiming information is sent directly from coreplus to your Tyro terminal. There are no re-keying errors, so payment and claiming become streamlined, and reconciliation is fast and easy.

Benefits of Tyro

  • Easy to install broadband terminal with colour display and built in printer;
  • Lightning fast EFTPOS and Health Fund transactions via your existing practice internet;
  • No connecting phone line or cables to your computer;
  • Fast contactless tap and go for credit card transactions.
  • Tyro’s Australia-based Customer Support team is available 24/7 and will answer your call in an average of 30 seconds.\

The coreplus integration with Tyro allows you to

  • Streamline the EFTPOS payment and Health Fund claim process
  • Reduce risk of keying errors
  • Simplify payment with “Tap & Go” technology
  • Use up-to-date terminal technology – wired or wireless
  • Reduce manual data entry load

Get started today

Our add-ons seamlessly enhance your coreplus experience, unlocking new capabilities and bringing more value to your practice. Each integration is carefully selected to complement and expand the functionalities of coreplus, ensuring a more efficient, comprehensive, and connected practice management experience. Whether it's expanding your billing options, enhancing client engagement, or streamlining administrative tasks, our integrations are designed to fit effortlessly into your workflow.

Ready to get started? It's simple! Follow our step-by-step guide [Click Here] to integrate these powerful tools into your coreplus account today, all available during your free trial.

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