Hearing Services Program

Hearing Services Program

Introducing a cloud based integration with seamless claiming & payments, fee & device schedule management + reporting.

Hearing Services Program

Cloud-based claiming

  • An efficient process that simplifies the creation and submission of claims
  • Batch claiming: customise which claims to you’d like to include or exclude
  • Review batch file before submitting to Hearing Services
  • Log in anywhere, anytime on any device with an internet connection

Quotes, Payments & Reconciliation

  • Create and print or send quotes, view historical Hearing Services quotes
  • Receive per-claim status results from Hearing Services and upload to reconcile invoices
  • Payments applied to approved invoices

Easy Fee & Device Management

  • Access to entire list of Hearing Services schedule of service types, item codes and devices
  • Up-to-date pricing, with a simple once-off import or on-update function
  • Track and manage devices fitted to clients
  • Create device repair forms for warranty repairs

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