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Reimagining Healthcare


with Yianni Serpanos

Reimagining Healthcare is a podcast series about innovation in the healthcare industry. We talk to healthtech and healthcare innovators about how they’re reimagining and building a world of seamless digital healthcare experiences

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Producer & Host

Hey I'm Yianni Serpanos

As a founder of digital health innovations like getcoreplus.com & HealthTechX, I’m a passionate and driven innovator within the health-tech industry. Reimagining Healthcare is asking a simple question…

How does healthcare fit into our lives, schedules, goals and aspirations?In this digital age, the answers will inevitably come by embracing Digital Health innovations that empower each of us and our providers toward better health outcomes with safe, secure, private & seamless digital healthcare systems.

Reimagining Healthcare
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“I just gotta say, your telehealth is far superior than the previous one we were using. The image is great and the features are better.”

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“This messaging feature is so handy, I am only at this clinic once a month and it means that you have helped me before I finish today and won’t be back for weeks! Much appreciated.”

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“The continuous quality and functionality improvements in coreplus have been fantastic and very relevant to helping us improve our processes within our private practice too.”

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"Easy to navigate, good backup when you need help, good value, coreplus is the right cloud based option for our business.”

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“I am with coreplus over 3 years and I am very happy with features and service quality. I must admit that coreplus is my favourite.”

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“coreplus has exceptional customer service - local, friendly staff and provide help in a timely manner. It is easy to use, cost-effective  and I love how you can store and process everything in the one location.”

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“coreplus has allowed us to improve the way we do business and the customer service has been outstanding. Fast responses and friendly, knowledgeable service - I would highly recommend.”

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“I am a sole trader and was struggling to find a software program that allows sole trader use it. I tried a few, but once I tried coreplus, I knew I found a software program that was supporting my needs. I find it easy to use and it meets all my needs. The support is great and easily accessible.”

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“We have been with coreplus for many years and find their staff have been endlessly helpful and quick to respond. Thanks coreplus team, we really appreciate your great support and good cheer.”

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“I have been using coreplus for 12 months now and I find it a great option for my small businesses where I need a cost effective Practice management system.”

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