Optimise your client intake process with the precise triage of referrals based on clinician preferences and specialities.


What is Katina?

Katina is a revolutionary tool designed by psychologists for psychologists, aimed at optimising the client intake and referral management processes within private practices.

With Katina, managing client referrals is not just streamlined—it’s transformed. Katina integrates seamlessly with your existing coreplus account to provide a centralised and organised platform that simplifies how you manage client appointments and match them to the right practitioners.

Features of Katina

  • Automated matching: Instantly matches clients to practitioners based on detailed profiles, specialities, and availability
  • Waitlist management: Effectively manages your waitlist to ensure timely client appointments
  • Centralised dashboard: View and manage new client referrals in one place, enhancing workflow efficiency
  • Secure and compliant: Ensures data security with encryption, access controls, and two-factor authentication
  • Seamless coreplus integration: Transfers all client information to coreplus with a single click, ensuring accurate and personalised care

By eliminating manual processes and enhancing client and practitioner experience, Katina not only saves time but also significantly improves operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

Get started today

Activate Katina today and transform your practice

Getting started with Katina is easy and straightforward. Follow these simple steps to activate Katina and revolutionise your practice’s operational workflow:

  1. Sign in to coreplus: Log into your coreplus account and navigate to the Add Ons section
  2. Enable Katina: Find Katina in the list of available Add Ons and click on 'Enable'. Follow the prompts to integrate Katina into your system seamlessly
  3. Customise your settings: Customise Katina’s settings to align with your practice’s specific needs, including defining practitioner profiles and setting preferences for referral management
  4. Launch and learn: Once Katina is active, explore its features through the interactive dashboard. Check out our helpful tutorials and resources to get the most out of your new tool
  5. Start improving your workflow: Begin triaging and managing referrals with Katina’s automated system. Enjoy the benefits of streamlined operations and enhanced client satisfaction

Free trial:

Not yet convinced? Try Katina free for 14 days and see the difference it makes in your practice management. Discover why Katina is the essential tool for any psychology practice aiming for operational excellence.

Not a Psychologist but interested in Katina? Reach out and ask us about customisable options.

By leveraging Katina's capabilities, your practice can achieve new levels of efficiency and client care. Activate your free trial today and step into a smarter way of managing your practice’s needs.

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