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Online Practice Management Software for Speech Pathologists.

coreplus features used by Speech Pathologists

coreplus has earned its reputation as the leading speech pathologist practice management software in Australia, with countless speech pathologists making the switch. This revolutionary speech pathologist management software can be relied upon for your everyday tasks, allowing you to provide a higher level of care to your patients.

Allowing for continuity of care, seamless bookings and free Medicare/DVA billing and claiming, coreplus has fast become a leading speech pathologist practice management software. Thanks to coreplus being entirely on the cloud, you can also access your practice from anywhere in the world, and at any time. If your current practice management system has been letting you down, coreplus is the ideal forward-thinking solution to consider.

It’s time to invest in a better management software system

Scaling up your business and taking better care of your patients is now easier than ever thanks to coreplus. Having been specifically designed for the Australian context, coreplus aligns with recent NDIS changes and the 1988 Privacy Act. coreplus also meets many of the requirements listed in Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – Safe, Seamless and Secure, making it an ideal option for practices looking to become digitally ready.

So why opt for coreplus as opposed to other patient management systems? coreplus offers:

  • Free admin access, with pricing depending on the number of users your practice has
  • Convenient online booking options through Facebook and website buttons as well as the ability to manage calendars with colour-coding, appointment limits, waiting lists, iCal syncing and more.
  • The ability to create invoices and receive payments
  • The creation of reports that cover billable, cancelled and no-show appointments, allowing you to set metrics for success
  • Templates for you to create case notes, with drafting functionality
  • Professional letter templates
  • Quality customer service
  • Set access permissions and restrictions to keep patient data secure

coreplus also offers add-ons specific to speech pathologists to help you further improve your practice, minimise the time spent on administrative tasks and provide better care to patients. These include third party add-on partners; medical billing integrations to save you on merchant, transaction and terminal fees; and calendar integrations that offer 24/7 online bookings for patients.

It’s time to sort out your health billing and claiming, patient referrals and practice management with coreplus to enjoy less paperwork, effortless reconciliation, faster payments, streamlined billing and greater client satisfaction.

The convenient way to offer remote sessions

Throughout Australia, there are countless remote communities where access to speech pathology and other health services simply isn’t possible. With coreplus, however, it’s easier than ever to provide seamless remote consultations to people who need them. Our innovative software has everything you need to provide Telehealth appointments  the ability to publish your schedule and accept online bookings, payments and then process Medicare bills and claims. You can then communicate important information such as letters and receive referrals via our Secure Messaging integration, helping you save time on all those tedious administration tasks that take up so much of your day, allowing you to spend more of your energy helping the people who need it most.

Transform your practice. Start your free trial today.

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