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Online Practice Management Software for Social Workers.

coreplus features used by Social Workers

Save time, effort and money. Practice happy.
  • Empower your practice in Australia.
  • Simplify and speed up your admin processes. Our growing range of online add-ons can automate time consuming data entry.
  • 100% free admin users.
  • No downloads. No installation. All you need is a web browser. Coreplus is cloud software.
  • Unlimited computers and mobile devices can access the software.
  • You could save thousands of dollars by removing the need for complicated IT systems, servers, software management, and IT technicians. Explore how our pricing can work for you.
  • Transition from your current PMS easily. We can import your data. Ask us how.

The simple way to offer remote support

Everyone deserves professional support when they need it most – but for many people who live in remote locations throughout Australia, accessing professional help can be quite difficult. If you’re looking to begin Telehealth consultations, coreplus has a suite of innovative features that makes communicating with remote clients simpler and easier than ever. Accept online bookings, process Medicare bills and claims and use our contactless billing software to ensure you receive timely payment. You can even set up automated SMS reminders, so your client’s never miss an appointment. Our software is used and trusted by social workers throughout Australia and is sure to make your Telehealth consultations a breeze.

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