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Could your hand therapist practice benefit from better systems and processes? coreplus could be the solution you need, offering consistency and organisation to allied health practices of all sizes and descriptions.

As the leading hand therapist practice management software in Australia, coreplus has been readily embraced by hand therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, podiatrists and other allied health professionals seeking improved clinic management.

If your clinic is spending too much time completing paperwork, struggling to stay on the same page, or otherwise suffering from the effects of disorganisation, coreplus could be the solution for you. Revolutionising the world of patient management, coreplus helps simplify your day-to-day admin tasks. This frees up more time to do what matters: providing patient care.

What coreplus offers to hand therapists

So why have thousands of health professionals begun using coreplus at their practices? With coreplus, your hand therapy clinic can:

  • Start off with free admin access, upgrading to our reasonably priced options when your practice needs it
  • Make Facebook and website bookings available to clients
  • Seamlessly manage your calendar by setting appointment limits, recurring appointments and waitlists, as well as get organised with colour-coding and iCal syncing
  • Coordinate practitioner schedules (if your clinic has multiple practitioners)
  • Run financial reports and generate reports for clients
  • Generate invoices and receive payments in a timely manner (including Telehealth)
  • Monitor appointments by creating reports, allowing you to compare the number of billable, cancelled and no-show appointments
  • View case notes and create templates to make documentation easier in the future
  • Safely store or share patient data and confidential documents among the team
  • Quickly process Medicare rebates for customers
  • Enjoy customer service from coreplus around the clock

Another unique feature of coreplus is that it can be completely customised as per your clinic’s requirements. Whether you’re in need of integrations with MYOB, Gmail or Health Engine, or are after personalisation in the form of online calendars and voice recognition, coreplus can make it possible. The full list of integrations offered by coreplus include:

  • Patient Engagement Integrations
  • Integrated Payment Terminal
  • Online Accounting Systems
  • Online Medical Billing Systems
  • Client Referral Networks
  • Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Networks
  • Personal Online Calendars
  • Voice Recognition Software
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
  • Desktop Accounting Software
  • Telehealth
  • Online Payments

coreplus becomes an even more compelling option for Australian practices due to the fact that it has been specifically designed for the Australian healthcare sector. This means it aligns with NDIS requirements as well as the 1988 Privacy Act.

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