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The Preferred Exercise Physiologist Practice Management Software in Australia

As an exercise physiologist, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the administration work you need to do each day. From paperwork to reporting, invoicing and scheduling, these responsibilities, while essential, can really affect your productivity.

This is where coreplus comes in. Our cloud-based practice management software takes care of the day-to-day running of your practice. Created in adherence with the Privacy Act and NDIS regulations, this state of the art platform can be accessed securely anywhere and at any time – offering complete freedom to practice managers and their clinicians.

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How our cloud-based management software can benefit you

Across Australia, coreplus is proud to be the practice management software of choice for professionals across the allied health industry. From exercise physiologists to massage therapists, dieticians, mental health counsellors and beyond, our state of the art solutions streamline the productivity of any practice that uses it.

By incorporating coreplus as part of your practice, you will save time and money every day. Our complete range of features allows you to schedule appointments, contact clients, generate reports, create invoices and accept payments in seconds, meaning you can free up time to help more clients every week. This streamlined approach allows you and your fellow practitioners to provide exceptional quality of care whilst having peace of mind knowing that all those tedious but necessary admin tasks are being taken care of.

Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions

coreplus is proud to be Australia’s trusted exercise physiologist management software, offering a wide range of secure features via a flexible cloud-based system.

Some of our most popular in-built solutions include:

  • Comprehensive scheduling capabilities, including waitlists, iCal syncing, appointment limits, SMS reminders for patient appointments.
  • Online booking integration for Facebook and websites.
  • The ability to securely write and store case notes and create professional templates.
  • Seamlessly create invoices and accept payments.
  • Run and download a wide range of reports at the click of a button so you can set and manage your practice goals.
  • Send confidential documents to other allied health practitioners with complete peace of mind using our Secure Messaging System.

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