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Are you searching for ways to improve the quality of care offered to patients in your clinic? Here at coreplus, we have developed the best cloud software to help you do just that! Created in alignment with NDIS regulations and the Privacy Act, we developed our clinic management software to help Australian health professionals in the day-to-day running of their practice.

Entirely cloud-based and carefully designed to offer you and your patients the utmost privacy, coreplus allows you to manage your practice anywhere, any time. It’s the perfect option for clinics looking to make the step towards a digital database, or simply for those who are wanting a more seamless way to provide exceptional care.

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What our clinic management software offers you

As the ultimate cloud-based management software for health professionals across a range of fields – including nutritionists, health educators and doctors – coreplus offers many benefits to patients, professionals and entire practices throughout Australia. Some of these include:

  • Online booking configuration for Facebook and website.
  • Comprehensive calendar management, including waiting lists, iCal syncing and appointment limits.
  • Case note templates.
  • Invoice and payment processing capabilities.
  • Downloadable appointment reports to help you monitor and achieve your practice goals.
  • Comprehensive security and privacy settings to keep patient data safe.
  • Free admin accessibility and affordable plans dependent on the number of professionals using the software in your practice.

Offer seamless remote support to your clients

For some clients, accessing face-to-face appointments with their dietitian can be difficult, especially if they live in remote or rural areas. With the help of our innovative software, the process of offering Telehealth and online consultation options is made easy. Not only is it simple to book and run these appointments, but our advanced SMS messaging feature allows you to communicate with your clients quickly and effortlessly. This helps you provide exceptional quality of care to people in various locations and circumstances at just the click of a button.

The benefits of using our dietician practice management software

Here at coreplus, we know how much administration work goes into running a clinic. We also know that, as a dietician, you most likely want to spend as much time as possible helping people overcome their health problems. Unfortunately, for many professionals, the day-to-day tasks take away from the quality of care you can offer your patients.

That’s why our software is designed to take away the countless hours every week you spend creating reports, dealing with invoices, booking appointments and more. With coreplus dietician clinic management software, you can spend more time focusing on what you love doing and have peace of mind knowing that your admin tasks are being taken care of. It’s the easiest way to spend less time sorting through paperwork, and more time caring for your patients.

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