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coreplus is the leading chiropractic practice management software in Australia. Chosen by countless busy chiropractors, our practice management software has revolutionised the world of patient management systems, streamlining everyday tasks for health professionals. This allows you to provide a higher level of care to your patients while also having constant access to your cloud-based chiropractic management software.

Enabling continuity of care, effortless bookings and Medicare/DVA claiming, to name just a few key features, it’s not hard to see why coreplus is fast becoming the leading chiropractic software in Australia.

Cutting edge management software to streamline your practice

coreplus is specifically designed for Australian healthcare practices, meaning the platform aligns with NDIS changes and the 1988 Privacy Act.

So, what sets this chiropractic software apart from other patient management systems? coreplus allows you to have admin access for free, with pricing there forth depending on the number of patients your practice attends to.
coreplus allows chiropractors to:

  • Offer convenient bookings through Facebook and manage calendars with colour-coding, appointment limits, waiting lists, iCal syncing and more.
  • Create invoices and receive payments seamlessly.
  • Manage reports to monitor billable, cancelled and no-show appointments and set metrics for success.
  • View case notes (using templates if desired), which are all stored online with drafting functionality.
  • Write professional letters based on templates.
  • Receive customer service around the clock.
  • Determine access permissions so as to keep patient data secure.

coreplus also offers add-ons specific to chiropractors can help you further elevate your practice, minimising the time you spend on administrative tasks to allow you to focus better on your patients. These include third party add-on partners; medical billing integrations to save you on merchant, transaction and terminal fees; and calendar integrations that offer 24/7 online bookings for patients. Get on top of your practice management, health billing and claiming and patient referrals with coreplus.

Transform your practice. Start your free trial today.

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