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Upgrade Your Practice With our Audiology Practice Management Software

Have you been looking to update your audiology practice management system? Is your team struggling to stay on the same page, or get through the masses of paperwork every month? coreplus offers a solution in the form of our industry-leading audiology practice management software.

coreplus has fast become the leading audiology practice management software in Australia, while also being utilised by other health professionals such as optometrists, podiatrists and physiotherapists.

Our state-of-the-art software allows for smoother audiology practice management, regardless of the size or structure of your clinic. These innovative features work together to automate your administrative tasks and improve client satisfaction. Designed with NDIS regulations and the 1988 Privacy Act in mind, coreplus meets the needs of audiology practices throughout the country. If it’s time to modernise your practice management, look no further than coreplus.

How coreplus enhances your audiology practice

So what makes coreplus worth using? coreplus keeps all your practice admin in one place, tying together every element of your audiology practice. Because coreplus has been specifically designed for the Australian healthcare industry, it includes all the features you could possibly think of. coreplus allows your audiology practice to:

  • Make it possible for clients to book appointments via your website and Facebook page
  • Better manage your calendar with waitlists, iCal syncing and automatic appointment limits
  • Invoice and receive payments without a hassle, even for Telehealth appointments
  • Manage case notes
  • Share documents between the team in a secure manner
  • Generate reports to monitor the status of your business
  • Communicate with patients instantly using the built-in SMS feature

The plethora of third-party integrations available with coreplus elevates its functionality. From MYOB to Gmail, handy integrations are available for:

  • Patient Engagement Integrations
  • Integrated Payment Terminal
  • Online Accounting Systems
  • Online Medical Billing Systems
  • Client Referral Networks
  • Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Networks
  • Personal Online Calendars
  • Voice Recognition Software
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
  • Desktop Accounting Software
  • Telehealth
  • Online Payments

Pick and choose the features you need in order to provide a higher level of care to your clients, save money and time on setting up physical IT networks, and simplify your admin tasks. What’s more, coreplus exists entirely on the cloud, which means your entire team can access the information they need at any time.

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