Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging supports the delivery of messages containing clinical documents and/or other healthcare specific information relating to a client.

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging is often mistaken for an encrypted email or a digital fax – it’s neither! Secure Messaging has been developed specifically for the transmission of client related information between different clinical information software via a national standard, ensuring safe, seamless, secure and private healthcare information sharing.

Enabling Secure Messaging with coreplus

  • Connects your practice to the digital health network, allowing you to appear in over 75,000 healthcare practitioners directories
  • Allows for the safe, seamless and secure transmission of your client information
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars per practitioner per year by not subscribing to many secure messaging networks directly
  • Minimises paper correspondence and frustrating admin tasks
  • Is FREE meaning your new client acquisition costs are $0 per new client


Using Secure Messaging through coreplus connects you over 75,000 practitioners in the Australian healthcare system through our multiple vendor integration. We are currently integrated with both Argus and HealthLink, connecting you to an even larger scope of digital health ready practitioners. Being connected increases your practice visibility, ensuring that you are no longer a standalone business in isolation; you are an integral and connected part of Australia’s healthcare system.

Client Acquisition

You can consider Secure Messaging as a referral source, because being connected means that you are visible. Imagine receiving new clients (aka client acquisition) from referrers you haven’t had to market to…that’s the power of interoperability with coreplus. Registering for Secure Messaging with coreplus means that you, your practice and your speciality will appear in both the Argus and Healthlink directories with NO marketing effort on your part. Who can say no to free marketing?!


Why is it important?

As part of Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – Safe, Seamless and Secure, one of the key priorities is to end dependence on the fax machine and paper-based correspondence by empowering healthcare providers to communicate with other professionals and their patients via secure digital channels.

It is also to ensure that out-of-date and unreliable communication methods cause no more harm to patients, like in the case of Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient, who died alone because his medical test results were faxed to the wrong number, which meant his treating haematologist did not receive information that could have saved his life. This really struck a chord with us and in an industry first, we were recognised as the first practice management system to enable interoperability between Secure Messaging vendors. We continue to be a key industry participant in Secure Messaging industry collaboration workshops to end the era of the fax machine in healthcare in Australia.


It’s completely free. Secure Messaging is primarily used by general practices to refer patients to specialists. General practices & specialists are incentivised to use Secure Messaging through the Deparment of Health’s Practice Incentives Program (PIP). We think that Allied Health and Complimentary Health providers should also be able to access Secure Messaging networks without having the barrier of pricing; making it easier for eHealth-ready general practices to refer patients. One of the biggest barriers to uptake of Secure Messaging in the allied health space has been the cost involved, which is why we’ve made Secure Messaging completely free as a feature available on our PLUS plan. We charge no usage, setup or maintenance fees, and most importantly, there is no longer the need to subscribe to multiple vendors.

Enhanced capability of our Secure Messaging Integration

Together with the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), coreplus is pleased to announce upcoming updates to our Secure Messaging feature.

Evaluated against ADHA’s Secure Messaging Industry Offer (SMIO) requirements, coreplus is now compliant to the SMIO, which seeks to improve interoperability between secure messaging services. These expanded Secure Messaging features will provide an optimised searching experience, as well as facilitate communication between multiple secure messaging providers and will be released on or prior to June 2022 and our release version will be V1.0.

Our customers will soon have access to:

  • Enhanced searching across multiple secure messaging providers via a federated provider directory service
  • Interoperability and message exchange with different secure messaging enabled software products by utilising standardised messages
  • The ability to securely exchange messages based on current and future Australian encryption standard

This will enable coreplus customers to:

  • Search for providers easily by using combinations of specialty, address and practitioner or clinic name
  • Send REF_I12 and MDM_T02 messages
  • Send messages to users of different secure messaging providers

Get started today

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