Cyber Clinic

Cyber Clinic

Cyber Clinic is an AI driven online mental health clinic connecting clients across Australia to practitioners.

Cyber Clinic

Benefits of using Cyber Clinic

  • See your ideal client: Cyber Clinic has a unique algorithm that matches clients to you, ensuring every client booking is matched to your presenting issue speciality and clinical treatment preferences
  • Increase client engagement: Get access to real-time analytics to track client well being and progress
  • Grow your practice: receive new client referrals without the marketing effort via Cyber Clinic's extensive network of government and corporate contracts including medicare rebatable clients
  • Increase your revenue: Set your own fees and let Cyber Clinic handles all the payments. Your part of the fee for each consultation is transferred into your nominated bank account at the end of each month along with a summary statement of all consults. Cyber Clinic charges a percentage (20%) of the fees for all completed consultations, that's all there is to pay. No other hidden fees or charges.
  • Peace of mind: Encryption technology that meets Australian Government standards ensuring that all online consults are safe, secure and confidential
  • Reduce your admin: focus on what you do best by providing clinical care while Cyber Clinic looks after bookings, reschedules and payments

How it works

  • Sign up to Cyber Clinic (it's free!).
  • Select your preferred availability for appointments on the Cyber Clinic platform and be assured that the client will match the practitioner every time.
  • Accept bookings made for you and see all appointments booked via Cyber Clinic in your coreplus calendar in real time.

Configure coreplus to be Cyber Clinic-ready

  • Verify your practitioner’s time zones, this can be updated in your Calendar Settings under the ‘Other’ tab;
  • Enable the add on in your coreplus account from the ‘Add Ons’ menu
  • Configure your availability in the calendar schedule and publish to Cyber Clinic
  • You're now ready to receive specifically matched clients directly into your calendar!

Get started today

Our add-ons seamlessly enhance your coreplus experience, unlocking new capabilities and bringing more value to your practice. Each integration is carefully selected to complement and expand the functionalities of coreplus, ensuring a more efficient, comprehensive, and connected practice management experience. Whether it's expanding your billing options, enhancing client engagement, or streamlining administrative tasks, our integrations are designed to fit effortlessly into your workflow.

Ready to get started? It's simple! Follow our step-by-step guide [Click Here] to integrate these powerful tools into your coreplus account today, all available during your free trial.

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