You’re a multi-disciplinary team, sharing a client, or a completely remote clinic, Clinivid allows instant, encrypted communications anywhere, anytime.


Clinivid integration benefits

  • Remote proof: Clinivid is like total support for remote clinicians where advice or second opinions can be delivered straight away, doing away with risky emails and at the same time breaking down isolation barriers
  • Efficiency proof: allow your team instant access to advice and clinical data reducing after hours contact or face to face conversations for more time to focus on your clients and running your practice
  • Information proof: keep the conversations about your clients private and secure with the instant information capability of Clinivid. The ability to instantly share details, all in the one location minimises risks in communication compared to email and allows for best informed decisions.
  • Archive proof: forget about summarising information to add your client’s clinical record. Clinivid allows you to completely archive every detail of a conversation straight into the client’s file. Even informal comments are archived, nothing is lost and records are complete.

Adding Clinivid allows you to

  • Link cases on Clinivid to clients in your coreplus account
  • Start conversations with clinicians linked to your coreplus account, or invite a guest clinician
  • Archive the conversation into coreplus, which automatically links to the client’s coreplus file
  • Run efficient processes and improving your patient outcomes

How it works together with coreplus

Documenting your clinical conversations has never been easier with the two-way sync between coreplus and Clinivid. It’s a simple, cost effective and easy to use platform that ties data sources together. The integration syncs your client list to Clinivid allowing the conversation to be linked to a particular client.

Using Clinivid, you can easily start a ‘chat’ or schedule a more formal ‘clinical meeting’ with clinicians in your clinic or inviting a guest clinician and allow read and write permissions. Once the online conversation has finished, you can choose to ‘archive’ it which will send it to the coreplus Secure Messaging inbox and link directly to the client’s account – case noting for the conversation sorted!

Get started today

Our add-ons seamlessly enhance your coreplus experience, unlocking new capabilities and bringing more value to your practice. Each integration is carefully selected to complement and expand the functionalities of coreplus, ensuring a more efficient, comprehensive, and connected practice management experience. Whether it's expanding your billing options, enhancing client engagement, or streamlining administrative tasks, our integrations are designed to fit effortlessly into your workflow.

Ready to get started? It's simple! Follow our step-by-step guide [Click Here] to integrate these powerful tools into your coreplus account today, all available during your free trial.

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