Transition seamlessly with our digital health ready telehealth solution. Designed to deliver high quality, APP compliant, private, secure and simple experiences for both practitioners and clients.


A digital healthcare experience

Introducing a new method of healthcare from your practice doesn't have to be complicated.

  • Set your existing appointment types to be telehealth enabled
  • Telehealth enabled appointments automatically generate a meeting link - no need to create and send!
  • Practitioners can enjoy a  convenient click to join experience straight from calendar appointment

A seamless click to join experience

Keep your clients connected with their health goals and your service.

  • Clients receive their unique telehealth link via automated reminders
  • No need to download any software, simply click to join
  • Web and mobile capable, so clients can choose which device to join with

Chat, screen & file sharing

Expand the capabilities of your client’s appointment.

  • Screen sharing capability for both practitioner and client
  • Instant chat function with file/attachment upload option

Chat transcript & attachment archiving

Enjoy automated convenience at the end of every telehealth session.

  • Chat transcript between you and your client automatically saves into client’s file as attachment
  • Any files or attachments shared in the chat during the telehealth session can also be auto-uploaded into the client’s record

Interactive whiteboard

Overcome engagement barriers and invite your client to draw.

  • Featuring a palette for you to set the pen to a colour of your choice, a pen and eraser tool and a quick ‘clear all’ mode to start fresh
  • Client experiencing internet connection issues? Not a worry! When the client re-joins, you can sync the whiteboard to them to continue on from where you left off. The sync also works if you have multiple clients for a session, for any late joiners.
  • Download any whiteboard creations during the session

Telehealth your way

Keep your branding consistent.

  • Upload your practice logo during set up, to show on every Telehealth by coreplus session
  • Switch between a dark and light theme to better control power consumption or to just make your display more visually appealing

Transforming into an online healthcare practice

Challenge is part of change, disruption doesn’t have to be. Get your practice and team on-board with telehealth.

  • Telehealth is integrated into your clinical workflows in coreplus; initiate your client’s session straight from your coreplus calendar & enable it in your Online Bookings
  • Web and mobile capable, so you can choose which device you deliver your session in anywhere, anytime
  • No need to log into third party software, generate meetings and email links to clients

For the Australian health provider

There are endless options of free video conferencing solutions out there – but that’s where it stops, these are video conferencing – not Telehealth systems. As a proud Australian healthtech solution we ensure our system and add ons allow you to maintain your obligations.

  • Private and Secure – complies with Australian Data Privacy requirements and digital health standards
  • Unique appointment ID’s for each telehealth session so no unintended people join, just you and your client
  • Provides high quality and availability video streaming and voice quality to ensure an uninterrupted telehealth screen experience for you and your clients

Even more Telehealth features to love

Appointment countdown timer visible only to the practitioner
Up to 4 participants per telehealth session
Unlimited number of telehealth enabled appointments
Publish telehealth appointments to your Online Bookings
No monthly fee, pay for what you use with a per participant/hr fee

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