Upload everything you need with unlimited storage to keep your team organised, practice operating efficiently and secure client record management.


Secure files for your practice & clients

Organise your files and attachments for yourself, your team and your clients.  Upload individual files, or organise into folders.

  • ‘Personal’ files section for each user to upload their own files and attachments without risk of access by another user
  • ‘Shared’ files can be accessed by everyone on your account and are great for policies and procedures, and any other important team  or practice based information
  • Each client record has their own files for uploads and attachments

Not just for storing

Enjoy functional files, for whatever you may need to do.

  • Drag and drop or use the file explorer to upload into your designated folder
  • Download, preview, move, rename or attach an uploaded file to an email
  • Add an extra layer of security with our file ‘lock’ function, ensuring the file cannot be renamed, moved or deleted

All the things you can do…

Client files have extra functionality.

  • Online forms completed via Patient Plus or Snapform integrations automatically attach into a client’s file
  • Telehealth chat transcripts and attachments shared during the session auto-archive to a client’s file at the end of a session
  • Letters generated via the client record create a copy to the file when saved

Even more Storage features to love

Assign an existing file from the client record to an appointment
Upload referral copy when creating a new referral
Upload PDFs into case notes
Upload files for a client to download in online bookings
Provide option of file upload for client in online bookings
Files uploaded during an online booking auto assign to client files

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