SMS & email

Connect and engage with your clients with simple and functional SMS and email for your practice. Experience the ease of automated messages, personalised client interactions, and efficient practice communication, all integrated into your daily workflows.


Automated appointment reminders

Send SMS and email reminders automatically to reduce no-shows and ensure clients are informed about their upcoming appointments.

  • Schedule reminders ahead of appointments
  • Customisable content with key appointment details
  • Dual delivery via SMS and email
Two-way SMS

Conversational SMS

Facilitate real-time, two-way SMS conversations with clients, allowing for quick responses and enhanced client engagement.

  • SMS a client and receive a pop up notification when they reply
  • Respond to any client SMS  from the dashboard
  • No need to buy a mobile number
Two-way sms

Consistency and efficiency with templates

  • Set up custom ‘send from’ email address with signature for reminders or custom emails
  • Insert placeholders for client-specific information, including telehealth link
  • Set reminders to be sent at specific times before an appointment for timely notifications
Personalised messaging

Say it your way

Craft a custom SMS for individual client engagement, perfect for personalised communication.

  • Send a custom SMS or Email to a client for anything, whenever you (or they) need
  • Set up an automated Happy Birthday SMS
  • Take advantage of up to 10 placeholders
Personalised messaging
Bulk functions
Bulk functions

Bulk SMS and Emails

  • Send bulk communication for clients with appointments in a specific date range
  • Send a bulk message via email or SMS via an export function first

Even more SMS & email features to love

Traffic light SMS on appointment
SMS practitioner notifications for new bookings
Email notifications for new client bookings from Online Bookings
Link a Telehealth URL to appointment reminders
Communication history in client event log
SMS and Email activity report
Pay as you go for SMS
Free SMS replies
Email signature per user

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