Analyse, track and make informed business decisions with over 30 unique reports.


Identify business, calendar and appointment trends

  • Optimise business operations and see which of your team needs support with the powerful practice performance report
  • Get insights as to why clients are cancelling with the cancellation report and create informed initiatives
  • Track appointments that are yet to be billed ensuring no revenue is missed with the unbilled report

Insights into client details and practitioner caseloads

  • Identify how many clients have been referred by each referrer with the referrer report and work on strengthening your relationship with low referrers
  • Run a practitioner load report to understand the spread of active clients per practitioner
  • The residential report indicates which locations your clients are accessing your services from

Understand your payments, debtors,  profits and losses

  • Run a Daily Banking report to understand transactions for a given day across any location and practitioner
  • The profit and loss report shows your income and expenses for the financial year, and calculates a net profit or loss
  • View your practice debtors with the debtors report and either write off or send a billing reminder SMS straight from the report

Even more Reporting features to love

Export reports into CSV to upload and further explore in excel
Nine calendar report options
Nine client report options
Six different SMS, Email & user session tracking reports
Nine financial report options
Six Medicare report options
Allow or remove access to different reports for your users

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