Manage and track referrals, ensuring every client interaction is accounted for and aligned with appointment limitations. coreplus simplifies the referral process, providing clarity and efficiency in managing client journeys and building relationships with your third parties.


Easy referral tracking

Create multiple referrals for a client from a referring doctor or third party contract and track important information.

  • Enter a start and expiry date as well as a status to the referral
  • Add any internal notes and upload a copy of the referral
  • Add appointment limits to each referral that count down in the calendar appointment

Establish & maintain your network

Organise and manage your third party referrers.

  • Select from your existing list of referrers or add a new one
  • Associate referrers to clinics
  • Options from the client record for convenient referral communication

Grow your practice

Expand your referrer network.

  • New client referrals via Hot Doc and HealthEngine, a great way to build your case load up if you’re starting out, growing your practice or need a little extra boost of new clients during quieter seasons
  • Online forms via Patient Plus or Snapforms allows you be open for referrals straight from your website
  • Secure Messaging makes your practice visible to 1000s of health providers who can be potential referrers

Even more Referrals features to love

Referrers report showing your top practice referrers
Referral countdown in client appointment
Integrations create new client record for new referral
Over 10 referrer placeholders in Letter feature
Referrer as invoice recipient
Active referrals automatically assign to invoice

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