Online Bookings

Offer configurable online bookings 24/7. Feature your services, match clients to an appropriate practitioner, publish an entire availability schedule or offer exclusive days and times. The client portal continues working for you long after you finish.


Your practice, 24/7

Offering online bookings makes it easy for your clients to schedule appointments at their convenience, reducing barriers to accessing care.

  • Configure which services and practitioners are available for online bookings
  • Intuitive design that works seamlessly across all devices
  • Integrate the portal directly onto your website or social media platform

Operational efficiency

Online bookings minimises the admin workload and booking errors for your team.

  • Real-time calendar syncing ensuring up to date appointment schedules, eliminating double bookings and scheduling conflicts
  • Collect online forms like intake forms during the booking process that auto-sync to the client record
  • Instant automated booking confirmations and reminders, reducing client no shows and improving client preparedness
Happy Clients
Happy clients

Improve client engagement and satisfaction

Online Bookings improve overall client satisfaction and engagement, leading to better client retention and practice growth.

  • Our user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it easy for clients to find and book the services they need.
  • Clients have the option to choose specific services, practitioners and times, offering a tailored experience that meets their individual preferences.
  • The instant booking confirmation provides assurance and clarity about their scheduled appointment.

Even more Online Booking features to love

Customise the portal with your brand colours and logos
Add a bio per practitioner for clients to read through
Customise your own booking confirmation email or use default
Set lock-out days for bookings
Collect credit card details securely during booking
Empower clients to cancel or reschedule their online booking
Practitioner notification via SMS or email for new online booking
Customise your book now button with text and colour options
Enable client to set their time zone during booking
Set mandatory fields
Allow client to upload attachments
Auto-scroll to currenaProvide forms or documents for your client to downloadt time

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