Create, manage and effortlessly scale all your practice locations, from telehealth services to multi-site businesses, ensuring each site meets your specific operational needs.


Scalable location functionality

Sites in coreplus caters to all of your practice locations, whether you’re a telehealth, bricks and mortar or nationwide multi-site business.

  • Create as many sites/locations as you need, including Telehealth for your remote services
  • Add practitioner provider numbers per site for claiming and invoicing purposes
  • Associate a client to a location on their client record

Location, location, location

Associate your appointment availability to one or multiple locations, catering to all your business needs.

  • Create practitioner schedules to one or multiple locations
  • View/organise calendar by locations using user groups
  • Publish your multi-site availability to Online Bookings for booking options for your clients

Set and forget with placeholders

Give your clients the right information and get a deeper understanding of how your business is performing.

  • Ensure contextual reminders for your clients with location placeholders in SMS and email reminders
  • Utilise placeholders in Invoice templates
  • Get real insights and  segment reporting per location

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