Corresponding with your professional partners has never been easier with coreplus' feature-rich, customisable letter writer that also syncs to secure messaging, attaches to emails and saves a copy every time to a client's record.


Save time with templates

Create as many templates as you need covering all your clinical, client and third party correspondence needs.

  • Add your existing letterheads and footers for branding consistently
  • Allocate a specific recipient type for each template
  • Over 60 placeholders to choose from!

Customise your communication

Use an existing templates, or start with a blank page.

  • Insert a finalised case note for easy referral management
  • Enjoy the autosave feature so you never lose your information
  • Edit font size and style as you need across the letter

Signed, sealed, delivered (securely)

Select your preferred method of sending, from secure messaging, email, or print

  • Insert letters directly into a secure message and enjoy the auto populated client details
  • Send letters via email with auto PDF attachment
  • Print your letters for those scenarios that require a physical copy

More Letter features to love

Custom margins
PDF export
Add images
Add tables
Page numbering
Alignment options
Insert placeholders as you type
Saved letters auto-archive to a Letters folder in the client record
Download, preview, move, rename, edit, delete or email saves letters
Add your signature
Preview letter
Letter event log in client record

Transform your practice. Start your free trial today.

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