Client record

Everything you need to know and access about your client - at your fingertips.


Essential information

Get a glance at important demographic, contact, appointment, referral and emergency information and access shortcuts to common tasks like generating a letter or sending an SMS.

  • Payment information including card expiry
  • NDIS plan, funding and expiry
  • Appointment history including future appointments
  • Outstanding invoices with owing amounts

Track referrals and referrers

Add unlimited referrals to a client’s record from multiple sources.

  • Apply any third-party referrals including EAP, NDIS, WorkCover, and others
  • Upload referrals as attachments for complete record-keeping
  • Track and associate appointment counts with each referral
Case Notes
Case notes

Document treatment

Generate feature case notes as you go, speed up note taking with unlimited templates or opt for a draft note before committing.

  • Auto-saving as you type so you never lose information
  • Annotate body charts or add injuries/illnesses
  • Insert case notes to letters for easy clinical reference
  • Sortable case note history

Your client’s network

Document all the people involved in your client’s health journey including.

  • Family contacts that you can set as an Emergency
  • Employers for EAP providers, ensuring reporting requirements
  • Insurers, Treaters and Lawyers for any other relevant third parties involved
  • Set a contact as an invoice recipient

Professional correspondence

With the most feature-rich letter write available.

  • Unlimited templates with custom headers, footers and margin options
  • Over 60 placeholder information options
  • Instant send as a secure message, email, PDF or print
Admin Notes

Document client interactions

Loved by admins, admin notes allows you to document an interaction or create a follow up task to action.

  • Conveniently document from the dashboard or client record
  • Add a subject, time status, priority as well as custom text per note
  • Assign an admin to a team member for actioning
Admin Notes

Even more Client Record features to love

Client alerts for appointments & client record access
Client groups to ‘tag’ a client to filter reports, batch invoicing and more
Client access permissions
Use existing client record number to de-identify or add your own via external ID
Client list with filters
Instant backup of client records
Instant field population from online client forms
Custom notes for capturing additional client details
Secure messaging history
Attachment upload and storage
Letter copy auto-saving to record
Custom case note shortcuts for repetitive information
Appointment history and summary
Invoicing history and account summary
Event log for client record activity and access

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