The centre of your practice, the coreplus calendar empowers your practice with drag and drop functionality, custom views, bookings from integrations, telehealth automation and so much more.


Personalised practitioner availability

Create ongoing or one-off schedules across multiple locations, build in breaks and block off times when you need.

  • Multi-practitioner, Room, Location, Day/ Week view
  • One-off schedule creation for those unique scenarios
  • Practitioner SMS notifications for new bookings

Easy Appointments

Appointments in coreplus don’t just tell you about your next client, they are a powerhouse of information.

  • Customise your appointment types
  • Smart search autocompletes a client’s name as you type for an appointment
  • Create a new client as you book an appointment

Integrated Telehealth

Designed to deliver high quality, APP compliant, private, secure and simple experience for both the practitioners and clients.

  • Easy click to join straight from your calendar
  • Link is automatically generated and sent to your client via SMS or Email reminder
  • Chat, screen and file sharing features

Reminders & notifications

Go beyond an appointment reminder for your clients. The coreplus calendar covers all your notification needs.

  • Notification pop up every time an SMS reminder is responded to
  • Create an appointment alert for important notifications for your admin team or practitioners
  • IM a practitioner that the client as arrived

Make it your own

Make your calendar truly yours with personal and custom settings for you and your team.

  • Set calendar start and end time
  • Privacy mode to hide client name from view
  • Include or exclude weekends from your view

Connected Calendar

Maximise your Calendar and practice performance with these must-have integrations.

  • Online Bookings with coreplus, an absolute essential for a modern day practice via our native solution
  • New client referrals via Hot Doc and HealthEngine, a great way to build your case load up if you’re starting out, growing your practice or need a little extra boost of new clients during quieter seasons

Even more Calendar features to love

iCal sync to your preferred calendar
Time zone enabled
SMS, invoice, attendance icons on appointment
Rebook, reschedule & set recurring appointments
Custom notes per appointment
Drag and drop appointments
Telehealth appointment chat transcript & attachment archiving
New booking notification for practitioners
Duplicate appointment alert
Current time indicator
Auto-scroll to current time

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